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Illinois Wines
Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegar

Silver Moon wines are warmly inviting, handcrafted premium varietals with distinctive tastes and characteristics. Made with Midwestern pride to celebrate the senses, each inspired Silver Moon vintage becomes a personal event that you remember--and want to repeat.

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White Wines


Aromas of tart-sweet lemon and ripe pear combine to give crispness to this wine's finish. Great for poultry and fish - grilled, sautè, or baked. Perfect with a roast turkey dinner! Or serve with a mixed cheese and fruit course after the entree. Toss in a few nuts to make it perfect. Very flexible wine. Delicious too.


This lightly sweet, yet delicate wine has a light fruitiness along with a note of fresh mown grass/herbal aroma. This medium bodied wine has flavor notes of apple, citrus and ripe berries. A fine choice with fresh fish, seafood, and hearty dishes. This wine loves fruit and every type of cheese.

Moonlight White

This semi-dry white wine is a blend of Cayuga, Delaware and Vidal Blanc grapes. it is creamy with a hint of fresh lemon, grapefruit and peach. Try this wine with backed fish or pork; chicken or veggie salads. Great with any cheese!

Pinot Grigio

Our Medium Bodied Pinot Grigio is refreshing with fresh floral aromas and honeyed flavor balanced with notes of ripened Bosc Pear and hints of green apple, melon and citrus.


Aromas of lychee and white peach fruit with a touch of almond. These light, delicate flavors are on the palate. A match with Asian spicy dishes as its crisp finish refreshes the palate. Try with any rich, creamy cheeses.

Moon Shadow Moscato

Our Moscato is evenly balanced with aromas & fruity flavors of melon, peach, and citrus with a crisp bite. Great with fish, shellfish, smoked meats and ham. Try with cheddar, blue cheese, goat and other creamy cheeses.

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Blush Wine

Twilight Blush

Traminette & Noiret are blended to make this Semi-sweet, light bodied wine with a hint of spicy cherries. Great choice with fresh fruit, medium flavored cheeses & lightly spiced dishes. If you love White Zinfandel, this one is for you!

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Red Wines

Fire Moon

Medium bodied with fruity aromas of berries and a plum finish. Its crisp acidity and dry tannins make it perfect to pair with grilled or smoked meats, poultry, fish, and game. Also yummy with "fast food". Pair with Asiago and Parmesan cheeses.


A wonderful blend with raspberry and cherry fruit aromas with a light peppery spice finish. Full bodied yet with a bright acidity to complement your meal. Pairs well with pizza, burgers, grilled and barbequed meats and game. Excellent with spicy and Asian Foods.


Elegant Syrah from the rolling hills of California's Central Coast. A full-bodied wine with flavors of ripe black currant and blackberry fruit layered with a light black pepper finish. The wine is balanced throughout. Great with BBQ and grilled game hens.


Aromas and flavors of warm spices and black berry fruit with a hint of dried herbs and toast on the finish. This hearty wine pairs well with meats and poultry, grilled or roasted. Brick, Monterey Jack, Swiss, Romano, Gouda, Parmesan, and Camembert cheeses. Wonderful with chocolate and more chocolate.

Red Velvet

Blended from Illinois Corot Noir and Chambourcin wines - with firm berry fruit. Medium bodied wine with flavors of berry, cherry, and light spice complexities. Try with BBQ, steaks, pork chops and grilled veggies. Also great with flavorful firm cheeses.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Elegant flavors of black currant, cherry and black pepper with complex aromas of tobacco leaf and vanilla creating great intensity and depth to this wine. Perfect with steaks, grilled lamb chops and hard cheeses. Even a 60-77% dark chocolate bar loves our Cabernet!

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Fruit Wine


Made from Michigan cranberries, this wine is bright, tart and refreshing. A great glass of fruit wine that will make almost anything taste better. This fruit wine is lightly sweet, but its fresh, tart finish makes it a wine to match with foods such as ham or grilled fish and chicken.

Moonlit Cherry

Michigan cherries are the beginnings of this wine's fresh flavors. A bright and refreshing glass of wine. Sometimes there's just no substitute for cherry flavor and this wine brings it all into the glass. Ripe fruit flavors with a refreshing medium-long cherry finish. Try with creamy cheeses that ache for that cherry flavor and a slice of cherry pie too!


Made from Michigan peaches, this wine is pie in a glass with flavors of rich, ripe peach and just a hint of oven-backed flaky crust. Think of our Peach Wine as a dessert by itself. Sweet fruit flavors balanced with a layer of warm cinnamon spice. Try a creamy boursin or whip an ounce into a half-cup of softened gorgonzola and spread on fresh peach halves! Great with Asian dishes that include pork or chicken with a spicy sauce.

Honeymoon Meade
Limited Supply

A glorious fortified mead made with honey and fermented with a special blend of spices. This amber-nectar drink is a truly exquisite drinking experience for that special occasion. Serve chilled. Mead is believed to have powers of fertility and virility. The bride and groom at Medieval weddings drank mead for one full moon after their wedding - hence the term Honeymoon.

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