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A Tribute to Good Wine, Good Food and Good People

Silver Moon Winery is a family-owned wine-making estate in Lanark, Illinois. After seven years of eagerly waiting, Silver Moon held their grand opening for the public in April, 2010, and the celebration has only begun. Life indeed tastes better here – and you’ll find that its value, like wine’s, only increases with time.

The dream that became Silver Moon began when owners Ron and Kathi Enzenbacher pondered how to spend their retirement years. Both loved being outdoors and working with their hands – and they also both loved wine.

Ron suggested that they start their own vineyard and winery. Though neither had grown grapes or made wine before, they embraced the idea as something that they both felt passionate about and that they could enjoy learning and doing together.

With their retirement vision in focus, they bought their land, rolled up their sleeves and set out to make the Silver Moon estate a special destination for handcrafted wines and warming hospitality in northwestern Illinois’ wine country. They would produce elegant, well-balanced varietals that pair well and easily with everyday foods.

The first season brought a fine reception from the many local residents who had been watching the vineyards and winery take shape. Over the inaugural 2010 season, many new friends and rekindled old acquaintances joined together to enjoy the Enzenbacher hospitality. A hearty welcome to one and all.

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The Silver Moon Logo and Label

The Silver Moon Winery logo and wine label were specially designed to capture the beautiful and mystical inspiration behind the founding of the estate.

When the Enzenbachers first moved to Lanark, they often sat outside at night to watch the stars speckle the still and quiet Lake Carroll sky. When full, the moon painted a perfect silver disc on the lake.

The images stayed with them as stark symbols of the elegance and tranquility that would accompany the splendor of their handcrafted wines.

To reflect on the Silver Moon logo and label is to enter the imagination of its owners and look into the promises of time spent at the estate.

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